Waste Management

Together with local staff, the founder of the foundation, Theda Gräfin Knyphausen, has established cooperations with numerous schools in the region and regularly holds workshops on the topics of waste separation, recycling and waste avoidance.


With the help of the local education consultant Joyce Malema and the "waste professional" Klaus Schätte from Cologne, Theda Gräfin Knyphausen founded the waste project "Waste Management" in Maun in 2014.

For the children and young people from Maun it was the first time at the beginning of the project to be confronted with the topic of waste and its consequences.

In small groups, the so-called "Environmental Club" at various local schools, 30-40 children of different ages are taught the topics of waste separation, recycling and waste avoidance. The theoretical part also includes practical lessons and the children quickly learn to sort the waste at their school into the new different bins.

Due to the great demand of the teachers, the enthusiastic reception by the children and the support of local volunteers, the programme was extended to regular lessons at other schools in Maun and the surrounding area. Some teachers from the participating schools have even integrated the topic of waste into their curricula.

Since the end of 2016, the local partner organisation FEYS has taken over the majority of the educational units at the schools. In the meantime, the Waste Management project has become an integral part of the Junior Ranger programme and is repeatedly taken up thematically in the educational units and supplemented by waste collection campaigns.

Current donation needs
Rubbish bin
One rubbish bin of the Waste Management project costs 25€.


Labelling of rubbish bins
We need 50€ per school to be able to label and colour the rubbish bins.


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