Young adults from Botswana can apply to the Knyphausen Foundation for an educational grant that will enable them to train as professional safari guides or multipliers of the Junior Ranger program.


Safari tourism is the country's second most important source of economic income and a secure occupational field.

In contrast to other countries in the region, the Botswana government sets high quality standards here; the profession as safari guide enjoys a high reputation.

The scholarship, as a 33-day "Intensive" course or as a one-year professional training ("PFG" course), is intended to give young adults from socially disadvantaged families the chance to work as a guide, guaranteeing them and their families a secure livelihood in the long term.

In addition, a 14-day "Train the Trainer" course was developed, which is regularly offered to employees of the local partner organisation FEYS.
This course informs the project managers of the Junior Ranger Programme about the special features of the fauna and flora in Botswana and imparts pedagogical skills as a multiplier for working with children and young people on environmentally specific topics.

Scholarship 1-year "PFG"-course to become a Safari Guide

The profession of Safari Guide offers a secure career perspective and enjoys a high reputation in Botswana. Often, the permanent job of a family member secures the income for an extended family. So far, it is mainly men who work as Safari Guides in Botswana. The Knyphausen Foundation would like to give women from disadvantaged families in particular the chance to learn the profession so that they can provide for themselves and their families in the long term.

Scholarship 33-day "Intensive"-course to become Safari Guide

The 33-day intensive Safari Guide course forms the basis for a professional Safari Guide career and enables graduates to gain their first job experience, for example as an intern at local lodges.

Scholarship for a 14-day "Train the Trainer"-course to become a JR multiplier

The "Train the Trainer" course of the Knyphausen Foundation is primarily aimed at employees of the local partner organisation Future Explorer Youth Society (Junior Ranger Project) and has been developed in cooperation with EcoTraining especially for multipliers who work with children and young people on environmentally specific topics in nature.
During the two-week training, the young project managers deepen their knowledge and learn playful methods to explain environmentally relevant interrelationships to children.

Current donation needs
"Train the Trainer"-course
A 14-day "Train the Trainer" course costs 1.500€ per Future Explorers Youth Society scholarship holder.


Safari "Intensive"-course
A 33-day "Intensive" Safari Guide course costs 3.000€ per scholarship holder.


Safari "PFG"-course
A 1-year PFG Safari Guide course costs 15.000€ per scholarship holder.


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