At all primary schools in Maun that participate in the Junior Ranger Programme, school gardens with vegetable beds and fruit trees are planted. In the accompanying educational units, the children learn everything about gardening: sowing seeds, the right soil, staking out beds and how to use tools for gardening.


In addition, an important part of the project is learning how to further process vegetables for a sustainable diet. Our local trainers, who carry out all the educational units of the Junior Ranger programme, impart this knowledge to the children in practical and theoretical teaching units in an uncomplicated and competent manner. To this end, they regularly take part in various workshops with experts.

The project "Sustainable Nutrition for Children, Youth and Young Adults" started in April 2021 and was financially supported by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environmental Foundation until the end of September 2021.

Our goal is to gradually expand the project and to establish vegetable and fruit gardens at all schools participating in the Junior Ranger Programme (14 in total).

We hope that as many children and young people in the region as possible will learn to grow vegetables for their own consumption and to process them for a balanced diet. This is very important in Botswana, because hunger and malnutrition are widespread.

So far, the cultivation has been very successful and the first harvest of spinach was plentiful, so that family and friends of the trainers could be supplied. The restaurant Marc's Eatery is also happy to buy vegetables from the trainers, if the yield allows. This enables the young adults to supplement their salaries and buy new seeds and seedlings.

We would be happy if you would like to support us in planting the new school gardens!

Current donation needs
Laying the foundation
The trainers set wooden stakes in the soil and stretch nets over the beds. We need 100€ per garden for the labour, food and transport costs incurred by the trainers.


Starter package seeds and plants
For each new garden we need seeds, tree seedlings and compost at the beginning. Gradually the seeds are collected from the vegetables and soil is made from old plant cuttings.


Practical educational sessions for the Junior Rangers in the gardens
Practical and theoretical educational sessions are held once a week. The transport costs and food for the children and trainers amount to 150€.


Material for each new garden
Spades, hooks, shovels, watering cans, ...


Fences and nets per garden
Fences and nets are important for protection against animals.


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