Ranger from Botswana at the "World Ranger Congress" in Nepal


From 12.-16.11.2019 the 9th World Ranger Congress will take place in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

For the first time Grace Seidisa, the first scholarship holder of the one-year training as Safari Guide of the Knyphausen Foundation and Okwa Sarefo, trainer at EcoTraining, who trained Grace, will participate.

Mario Marschler, ranger in the Schlaubetal Nature Park, made the participation of the two possible. Through a private initiative, he paid for the flights and accommodation.

The two have a wonderful time in Nepal and a valuable exchange with many rangers from everywhere. This is very important because rangers face similar international challenges to protect the environment.

Many thanks Mario for this great commitment!


A message from Grace in Nepal:

"Hello Theda! We are having a great time! I´m very much privileged to be a participant of the World Ranger Congress this year.

All thanks to you an Mario putting it together to get us to come and learn from different nations around the globe. It warms my heart to know there is someone out there with same love and passion to conserve the nature. I have learnt and still learning a lot from different, it´s only sad that our own country doesn´t see the importance of these congresses.

This is the best thing ever and I´m very much looking forward to sharing what I´m learning here with those who have the heart and same goal as ours!"

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