Train the Trainer-Workshop in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve

December 2020

Eight employees of the partner organization FEYS completed the "Train the Trainer-Workshop“ in December 2020.

Together with Okwa Sarefo, who is a trainer at EcoTraining, they participated in a two-week training to become multipliers for working with children and youth in nature in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana.
Okwa has already taught FEYS staff for a "Train the Trainer-workshop“ in 2017. The focus of the course, in addition to deepening theoretical knowledge, is to get your own hands-on experience while out in the bush with off-road vehicles or on foot.

The topics of wildlife and species protection are given special attention. The eight young trainers took part of the exam directly at a primary school in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in order to pass on their newly acquired knowledge directly to children and young people.

Because that's what the course is all about: teaching children about various topics of animal and environmental protection in a playful way.

Together with the state-approved safari guide trainer EcoTraining as a cooperation partner, the Knyphausen Foundation regularly supports young adults either by awarding a scholarship for training as a professional safari guide or as a multiplier for working with children.


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