New school garden from October

July 2021

Dear friends and supporters,

The project "Sustainable Nutrition for Children, Youth and Young Adults" has been in full swing since April and the dedicated trainers of the partner organisation FEYS have created school gardens with vegetable beds and fruit trees at five primary schools participating in the project.

The Junior Rangers are also fully committed and are learning everything about sowing seeds, the right soil, marking out beds and how to use tools for gardening right from the start. In the coming weeks, the beds will be watered and tended, and tree seedlings will be grown in pots and put in the ground. In the theoretical educational units, the children and young people learn how to further process the vegetables and fruit they have grown themselves for a balanced diet.

At the same time, the project garden on the association's premises was also expanded and a large community garden was planted for the 10 trainers on the premises, which ensures their long-term supply.

The environmental protection programme stands and falls with the security of our trainers, because they are largely engaged on a voluntary basis and the Corona pandemic has also worsened their situation because of the loss of casual jobs in the tourism sector.

We hope that as many children and young people in the region as possible will learn to grow vegetables for their own consumption and to process them for a balanced diet. This is very important in Botswana, because hunger and malnutrition are widespread.

Our goal is to expand the project and plant vegetable and fruit gardens at all schools participating in the Junior Ranger Programme (14 in total).

Until the end of September, the project is financially supported by the Lower Saxony Bingo Environmental Foundation.

We would be delighted if you would like to support us in planting the new school gardens from October onwards!

The following costs are incurred for one school garden each:

Material (spades, hooks, shovels, watering cans,...): € 230
Fences and nets (to protect against animals): €250
Seeds, tree seedlings and compost: €150
Work / food and transport costs of the trainers for planting the foundation: 100€.
Practical educational sessions for the Junior Rangers in the gardens per week (transport costs and food for the children and trainers): 150 €.

Please use the reference "New School Gardens" in your bank transfer:

Knyphausen Foundation
German Bank
IBAN: DE02 3707 0024 0552 0002 00

Thank you in advance for your support!

We wish you all a wonderful summer!

Best regards from Maun / Botswana,
Yours, Theda Gräfin Knyphausen


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