Junior Rangers plant indigenous trees at home

November 2021

The Junior Rangers' school garden and vegetable project is attracting attention in Maun!

The trainers of the partner organisation FEYS are now receiving requests from teachers to set up a school garden at their school as well, which, however, is not participating in the Junior Ranger programme.

The long-term goal of the Knyphausen Foundation is to make exactly this possible and therefore it is trying to find sponsors for the continuation of the school garden project.

The local Ministry of Forestry has also taken notice. An employee from the ministry visited the Junior Rangers and was enthusiastic about the school gardens. Without further ado, a donation of young native trees to the Junior Rangers was organised. The visitor from the ministry handed over the tree seedlings to the children to plant at their homes. The Junior Rangers have already learned from their trainers exactly how to do this, including how to protect the young saplings from animal predation with a small fence.

Our heartfelt thanks for the trees go to the local Ministry of Forestry in Maun!


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