Junior Ranger in school holidays

March 2020

The Junior Rangers in Maun have been on the big school holidays since 23.03.2020.
Until then, our trainers were still active in the environmental sessions on plastic avoidance, resource protection and biodiversity.
Classes and extracurricular educational units are expected to start again at the beginning of May, if the Corona pandemic does not result in an extension of the school holidays.
So far, Botswana has not had a reported case of corona and has closed its borders to all neighbouring countries except for an indefinite period.
We hope that this precaution will protect the people of Botswana.
A great many are weakened by HIV infection and a high number of children are living as an orphan with their grandparents because of HIV.

We will keep you informed about the situation in Botswana and about the progress of our projects!


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