Corona Emergency Aid Junior Ranger

June 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Hoping that you and your beloved ones are well and that you are all healthy, I would like to write a few lines to you in these unusual and challenging times.

Despite the gradual easing of public life and a supposed return to “normality”, many are understandably still worried about themselves, family members and friends. For most, it is uncertain how things will go on in their jobs and whether they will be confronted with further restrictions in the future.

Myself I have been stranded in my old home country in East Frisia since March and it is still unclear when I will be able to travel back to Botswana and when to welcome my safari guests there again.

Nevertheless, the work of the foundation continues and I am in close contact with the staff of our partner organisation who work for our Junior Ranger Program as volunteers with great commitment and dedication to environmental protection in Africa.

Of course they too are in a very difficult situation. As young adults, they no longer live with their parents and six of the eight-member team are still doing some career trainings and usually keep their heads above water with odd jobs, which have now mostly disappeared.
Yet, they try to stay in contact with the children and youngsters of the project as much as possible and we hope that first meetings with the Junior Rangers will be possible again soon.  

However, these days I received a frightening message from them. Many parents of the children who participate in the Junior Ranger Program cannot go to work or have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The situation of the families is not easy even under normal circumstances. Moreover, most of the children in our project come from socially deprived families.
And now, when it is winter time in Maun/Botswana, the parents cannot buy winter clothes for the children - they wear partly broken or much too small shoes and coats.

Therefore I would like to ask you for your support today so that we can buy warm winter clothes for the children of the Junior Ranger Program!

Please use the reference "Corona Emergency Aid Junior Ranger" in your bank transfer:
Knyphausen Stiftung
Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE02 3707 0024 0552 0002 00

A very warm thank you in advance for your support!

I wish you all the best and stay healthy!

Best regards from Lütetsburg,
Yours Theda


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