Award ceremony of the artworks made from recycled waste


On 20/11/2021, a grand prize-giving ceremony was held as part of the Waste Art exhibition.

Prizes were awarded by a jury for the group of children with the most popular artwork made from recycled waste. Visitors to the exhibition - including the children themselves - could cast their ballot directly on site into a small box. There were also prizes for the best maintained school and vegetable gardens and for the teams that took the best care of the recently planted fruit trees.

The judges were Adrian Dandridge, who runs a Chilly vegetable farm near Maun, Daisy Hancock, a botany and horticulture specialist, Prince Moyo, a young street artist from Maun, and Ndanji Lesetedi, from the Impact Fund.

Great prizes await the winners! Our jury members will do an art, gardening and tree planting workshop with the children who each receive the top prize!

Our Junior Rangers from Andrew Wellio Primary School won the first prize for caring for the young fruit trees. We are very happy about this!

Our congratulations go to all the participants, because all of them together have done their bit for environmental protection by creatively drawing attention to the problem of rubbish and by planting many young trees in Maun.

We would like to thank our cooperation partner Katja Visser and her foundation StartUp4Kids, who helped to make the exhibition and the award ceremony possible!
The children of their partner organisations Bana Ba Letsatsi, Shelter Botswana, Rhino Conservation won a lot of prizes ;-)

Winners of the 3 categories are:

Most popular artwork made from recycled waste
1. Bana Ba Letsatsi
2. Rhino Conservation (Group 1)
3. Rhino Conservation (Group 2)

Best Vegetable Garden
1. Rhino Conservation
2. Gxhabara Primary School
3. Thamalakane & Moremi Primary School

Best Fruit Tree Supply
1. Andrew Wellio Primary School
2. Thamalakane & Moremi Primary School
3. Shelter Botswana


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