The trainers of theJunior Ranger plant a vegetable garden

May 2020

The FEYS coaches are active in the Junior Ranger project despite the Corona restrictions: they have created a large vegetable garden on the property of their club. Soon some vegetables, salads and various herbs will grow here.
As soon as the extracurricular educational units for the Junior Rangers are able to continue, the children will cultivate the garden in small groups and create additional beds.
The topic "healthy nutrition and ecologically produced food" will then be included in the curriculum of the partner organisation and the Junior Rangers will learn how to cultivate local vegetable and fruit varieties and how to process them. The aim is to create beds at the Junior Ranger's home over time so that the socially disadvantaged families in particular are able to create a nutritional basis for themselves.
The issue of self-sufficiency is very important, especially now that Botswana can import less from South Africa (Botswana's main supplier of fruit and vegetables) due to the pandemic - this could still be a major challenge for the country in the future. 100% of the vegetables harvested from the partner organisation's garden benefit the Junior Ranger Program.


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