Oreboetse & Kefilwe

June 2022

These two incredible young women are part of our Junior Ranger Trainer Team.

Oreboetse (left) is 19 years old and has been part of the Junior Ranger program since 2018.
She has been a Junior Ranger Trainer for two years now, organising events and workshops for our kids and teaching them about several topics such as waste management or animal adaptation.
Oreboetse as well as her family grew up in Maun and joined our program because of her passion for nature, wanting to learn more about it.
The program made it possible for her to join workshops and teach children, but also learn more about nature herself. She tells us that with every session, she has learned a bit more.

In the future, Oreboetse wants to become a professional guide and stay in the Junior Ranger program.
And when she is not organising events or teaching kids, she likes to stay home and watch TV.

Kefilwe (right) is 21 years old andjust like Oreboetse, she is living in the city of Maun. She has been part of the program since 2015 and started her JR leader training in 2018.
Her motivation to join us came up as she heard about the Junior Rangers and wanted to know more about us, as well as learning more about her surroundings. She is grateful for the training opportunities the program has offered her.
Attending the training, Kefilwe noticed that her behaviour towards nature has changed a lot, being more present and appreciative for it.
In her free time, Kefilwe likes to play soccer and in the future, she wants to be a business lady.

It is just amazing to see these young women making their way and being a big and very helpful part of our program. Thank you Kefilwe and Oreboetse for being part of the Junior Rangers Botswana, and for making a difference in this world by showing dedication and dreaming big.

We wish you only the best for your future!


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