This is Bogaufi, born on the 11th of December 2002.

He has been in the JR leader training since 2018 and first joined our program in 2016.

Bogaufi lives in Maun with his parents and two siblings and loves to teach our children at school. He joined the program because of his love for nature and has loved attending our workshops and trainings ever since. He likes the aim of the program and to teach kids - and the children love him. When he finished teaching his class to take over another group in a different school, the kids wrote a letter requesting to keep him as their teacher because they enjoyed his company so much!

When he finished his own school, Theda immediately asked him to join the JR leader training, a gesture that Bogaufi appreciates a lot still.
In his free time, Bogaufi likes to play chess and listen to music and looking into the future, he wants to stay busy and changes lives.

Bogaufi, we are so happy to have you in our program and we love your calm energy and your passion for teaching. Keep on being this inspiring young man you are.


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