August 2022

Meet Barca, our always smiling good soul of the JR leader training!

He is 23 and started his leader training in 2019, being part of the Junior rangers since 2017.
He attends our leader planning groups on wednesdays and teaches children about various subjects on saturdays, as well as joining our JR camps.
Barca was born and raised in Maun and joined us because of his passion for nature and his interest for guiding and the information the training is offering.
He benefited from the program by attending workshops, interacting with kids and receiving certificates that can be useful for job applications in the future.
Through the training, Barka has learned to respect an appreciate the nature around him and treat animals with love. Also he stopped littering due to his new-gained knowledge about waste management.

In the future, Barca wants to run his own institution, guiding and working in conservation and become active against poaching while sustain his environment and pass on his knowledge onto future generations.
In his free time, Barca enjoys playing the drums and doing karate.

We love your positive energy that you bring to each of our meetings Barca!


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