October 2022

This is 22 year old Asa, who has been part of the Junior Rangers since 2015.

He started his leader training in 2016 and is a favourite among the children. He is from the city of Maun and decided to join us because he gained access to education and the love and support of the JR leader group.

He enjoys receiving the trainings and workshops that the program has offered him and likes the knowledge and skills that he has gained, as well as having fun in the group. The program has helped him survive in certain environments and interact with others and our children, Especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the program has been a huge help in his life.

At the moment, Asa is working as a receptionist and likes to go tu church.
In the future, he would like to start his own business and support orphans.

We think, those are amazing plans for your life Asa, keep on doing great and follow your dreams!


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